With P4U, we want to inspire a sense of community that brings people together and connects them - even beyond the sport. We stand for integrity and passion, openness and fairness.

Furthermore, we are dedicated towards making padel sustainable and sociable for all ages. We always put trust, fun and honesty at the forefront to achieve one thing above all: Sparking love for padel!

The commencement of P4U - Padel4You

We founded P4U with the intention of promoting Padel in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in order make it better known. Padel ist die am schnellsten wachsende Sportart in Europa, steckt aber in der DACH-Region momentan noch in den Kinderschuhen.


Not only because we love this sport, but also want to inspire the community to build and feel a connection with padel sports. We want to show you what is possible when people connect with each other through a sport like padel. We want to help people use their potential to positively impact their surrounding community.

P4U is a startup with an international background, founded by passionate sport enthusiasts that are very excited to bring their #values and understanding of #responsibility to the world through #P4U.

Want to give padel a try?

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