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Are you ready to discover the fascinating world of padel with our unique padel courts? On this page we have summarized all relevant information about padel courts. Do you have any additional questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
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Why would you build a padel court with P4U & Manza Sport?

Strong Network: Our cooperation with Manza Sport gives us access to the latest technologies and a wide range of possibilities. Manza Sport is one of the top 4 padel court builders.

High quality material: We use only the highest quality materials to build durable and aesthetically pleasing padel courts. Our choice of materials stands for sustainability, durability and low maintenance.

Expertise: Our experienced team has extensive knowledge in padel court construction and skillfully puts it into practice with an average of 1000 padel courts per year.

Reliability: P4U and Manza Sport adhere to agreements and timely completion so that you can use your padel courts as soon as possible.

Excellent customer service: We are always here to answer your questions and guide you through the entire building process.

What does a typical padel court look like?

A padel court is not just a playing field - it is a place full of energy, excitement and sporting passion. From the sturdy steel structures to the high-quality artificial turf surfaces and impressive lighting, a padel court is the ideal place to enjoy the game and take on new challenges. Below is an overview of the technical features and equipment that make our padel courts a unique playing experience:

Width & Length: The dimensions of the padel courts are 10 meters in width and 20 meters in length. This rectangular playing field is surrounded by walls that form the boundary lines.

Glass: The back wall behind each playfield is made of transparent safety glass in 10 or 12 mm thickness.

Surface: The surface of our padel courts is usually monofilament or textured artificial grass.

Lighting: Our padel courts are equipped with floodlights to allow play even in the evening and extend the usage time of your court. You can choose from different lighting options for the 4 lighthouses here.

What does that look like specifically? In the following pictures you can see our different padel court models.


MS Las Vegas


MS Paquito Navarro


MS Manza

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